Friday, 30 March 2012

mædate yearbook deliverables

These will probably need to be remade for submission as the bags are half the size they should be and have no digital net, they were just made by hand. I am really happy the branding side of this brief has now come together and I can leave it alone. I still have some major deliverables to produce for this brief (magazine and website), currently I am feeling a bit strained as I have spent so much time on this and barely any on my other briefs in comparison. I hope to put this whole brief to bed now for 2 weeks and focus on my other briefs and then I can hopefully complete this the week I come back from Easter.

Thursday, 29 March 2012



I took 3 steps back and started from the beginning. Working with the basic skeleton for the letterforms and hopefully oramenting around this. Sent these off the craig and his response was great. Should have done this from the beginning but I will learn from my mistake. He singled out 3 skeleton layouts which he prefers and so now I can start to illustrate these.

I also sent him my favourite one with colour to show how each of the letterforms sit. I am a bit concerned how the individual letters will look in all of these skeletons and basic layouts but I can work this out as I star illustrating them, by hand.

Thin and thick feedback

Needs a rework of the letterforms, I do understand Craigs points and feel a bit silly for trying to give him something he didn't ask for! Ooops!

EOYS pitch

Me and Jonny decided, undecided and then redecided to pitch for the End of Year Show. I had the idea of 'nice' which we were both keen on initially, but then taking a more detailed loook at past winners and the message the show intends to communicate it is more about us as individuals and going out into the professional world. Focussing on the quality of us as demonstrated through our work, not simply a show of great work.



Design Context feedback

The presentation was so useful to further my research and development into my publication. As always I didn't communicate very effectively all what I actually had in my head and the direction of the brief but it was extremely useful seeing other peoples ideas and research strands to see where mine was lacking.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


AA boring aspect of the design, but a receipt case will be another nice addition and show the retail side of this branding brief.

The Paper size you should use when designing a receipt is 7.2 cm wide or 2.835 Inches (the length/height doesn't matter, they'll be printed on a continuous paper like in a store anyway) - you can leave a top/bottom/left/right margin Zero mm/inches if you are using MS WORD- as the receipts are printed on 8 cm / 3-1/8" wide paper (so the margin is build in). No Header or footer is needed either - we also recommend you use tables instead of 'tabbing' if you want to ensure good alignment of you products/prices on your receipts. Also ensure that when using our receipt templates that you either have all the fonts we use on your PC or change them to a standard font.


Blue and red

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Thin and medium

Happy with with this arrangement, will email it over to Craig and see what he thinks. As this is to be shown at varying sizes, I don't know how well the thin stroke mark will look when small, it may be too thin, therefore the thicker stroke mark has been created also. The numerous strokes on the vertical lines was too much and so these have been deleted.

UTOE contemporary

Instead of an ornamental design, I have gone for a more contemporary approach. This looks simpler but I hope I can add enough detailing to make it appear complex at closer inspection. By taking inspiration from Playful Type I have been able to design a swirl which can be incorporated into the letterforms.

Initially designing the letterforms and then seeing how they could interact with each other. I designed a brush for use on the swirl to add more character but feel it looks a bit manufactured and dated.

Applying the swirls to strokes in the shape of a U and elaborating... however, not legible and strokes defined enough when viewed at a smaller scale. 

Changes made to the space between strokes and how letterforms interact with each other... Have a basic skeleton now. The U and T needs tweeking as the circles are not working as well as they could. Once I have all the letterforms made into the basic monogram, I can mess around with the swirls and any other ornaments.


Thursday, 22 March 2012


After creating the business card, I can move on to other aspects of the stationery and branding. The letterhead if another opportunity to use 2 stocks.


Numbers 8 and 9 are the winners!

Edited photographs