Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Progress surgery

My progress surgery with Fred today was brilliant. I was anxious that no tutor has really seen my briefs but I am confident on my progress of them.

Brief #1
Carry on

Brief #2
Only make 1 book for submission and design packaging and extend it as a limited edition book.

Brief #3
Redesign slightly for my submission and extend to include the shop front and instore. Quick but effective.

Brief #4
Mini done

Brief #5
Think about delivery more. Good idea with Morris Minor but maybe look at targeting the audience in a more effective way - graduate shows.

Brief #6
Get on

Brief #7
Mini done

Brief #8

Develop slightly to submit as a mini brief.

Brief #9
Do more on this, but make sure I get what I want out of it too. International collaboration great. 

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