Sunday, 6 May 2012


Bit tricky... Benji wants to use more images on the spreads that my initial pitch design and he also wants 2 double page spreads per lookalike with the first being an intro page as seen in glossy magazines such as Vogue. I think this is a great idea but having more images means the editorial design has been altered so I create this...

Benji is good at letting me know what he wants, however it can get frustrating when the client has such a clear idea on what he wants, sometimes I do feel like my ideas will not be listened too but these issues are getting resolved.He wasn't keen on the colour on the intro page or the typeface. He also is not keen at all on the layout for the editorial and wants it to be more like the pitch... therefore we have finally decided to cut the images down so that the design can follow the initial direction he is keen on.

I have also tried with a different font for the display text however again this isn't popular!

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